Kiebot Learning Solutions is one of the best mobile application development, website development, and an IT consulting company set up in the beautiful city Kannur on the northern side of Kerala State in India. Kiebot aims at delivering cost-effective IT solutions ensuring excellent quality products. The company centers around conveying a wide range of custom software products, web solutions, and smartphone apps that empower business associations to work productively and adequately. We, the Kiebot team believe that time is a significant success-ingredient for any business and hence we are committed to delivering our products, services, and solutions on time with quality.

What are we good at?

When it comes to the design and development of modern applications, Kiebot uses the latest and scalable technologies for structuring and interface reliable functionality to all its services and products. We focus on providing the most effective IT consulting services and programming solutions for all our clients on a professional level. We provide a wide range of technologies and are used based on the project use case. The technology stack which our expertise span across includes web technologies such as Golang, Ruby on Rails, Java, React JS, Angular, .NET framework, and mobile technologies such as Native Android, Native iOS, React Native, and Flutter.

Our Culture

Kiebot, maintain a positive, productive culture to boost our team’s morale at work. We ensure that our team is naturally happy and they are enjoying their time around work. Apart from company growth and development, we, Kiebot as an organization helps in the growth and development of our team as an individual by conducting various events, by parting knowledge on the latest technologies through presentations to improve our employee’s presentation skills, and other activities including games that are a fun diversion to relieve stress from our employees. Thus by providing them quality support we are building up a quality team for the company.

How do we work?

With our roots in custom systems and agile software delivery, we’re at following the tech principles used by some of the world’s most successful organizations. We invest in organic growth, building on the strategy, design, data, and engineering capabilities required to bring a truly integrated approach to solving our client's toughest challenges. Our collaborative, cross-functional teams deliver real results, fast.

We, Kiebot, are a team of great developers experienced in the area of mobile and web application, who can build and deploy the software products as per client requirements with utmost client satisfaction. We focus on quality, precision, and simplicity for the services and technical support we provide to our clients.

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