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Currently open roles.

  • ReactJS Developer

    Good communication, Git, Es6, React, Redux, Typescript, Thunk/ saga, Fluent in html&css, Test with jest, NextJS

    2+ years exp
  • Digital marketing and HR

    Good communication, Brand building, Interpersonal, Documentation

    1+ years exp
  • Java Developer

    Good communication, Spring boot, Java, SQL, Git Hibernate. Good to have Exposure to ui frameworks like react/angular is a plus, Junit, testing, Test with jest

    2+ years exp
  • React Native Developer

    Good communication, Git, Es6

    2+ years exp
  • Angular Developer

    Good communication, Git, Es6, angular 8+, Typescript, Fluent in html&css, Test with jest

    2+ years exp
  • .NET Developer

    Good communication, Git, Mvc frameworks, DotNet core, Sql, Ntt framework, Exposure to front end technologies is a plus

    2+ years exp
  • Android Developer

    Good communication, Android development with Java or kotlin, MemoryDB, Git

    2+ years exp
  • QA Engineer

    1+ years exp

PositionExperienceSkillsGood to haveNo of openingsJD
ReactJS Developer2+ years ReactJS, Redux, Typescript, Thunk/ Saga, Fluent in HTML, CSS & ES6, Git, Good CommunicationTest with Jest, Next.js2 Nos
Java Developer2+ years Java, Spring Boot, SQL, Hibernate, Git, Good CommunicationExposure to UI frameworks like React/Angular, JUnit, TestNG2 Nos
React Native Developer 2+ years React Native, Redux, Typescript, Thunk/ Saga, Fluent in HTML, CSS & ES6, Git, Good CommunicationTest with Jest2 Nos
Angular Developer2+ years Angular 8+, Typescript, Fluent in HTML, CSS & ES6, Git, Good CommunicationTest with Jest2 Nos
.NET Developer 2+ years .NET Core, MVC Framework, SQL, Ntt framework, Git, Good CommunicationExposure to UI frameworks like React/Angular2 Nos
Android Developer 2+ years Java or Kotlin SQLite Git Good CommunicationExposure to iOS app development, Exposure to Hybrid app development1 Nos
HR & Social Media Manager1+ years Brand Building, Creativity, Excellent verbal and written communication, Organizational and InterpersonalPresentation Skill, Knowledge of employment-related laws and regulations.1 Nos
QA Engineer1+ years Manual testing, Documentation, Exposure to Bug reporting tools, Good communicationExperience in automation with Selenium, cucumber, Java, BA Skill, Project coordination1 Nos

QA Engineer

A Quality Analyst is required to test a complete product or system to ensure it functions properly and meets the business needs. About the role:

  • You will proactively seek out ways to avoid common software-testing problems such as test case duplication, flaky tests, and maintainability.

  • You will pair with devs to read and analyze code and provide feedback about tests.

  • You will provide input for and champion system testability.

  • Advocate QA expertise to the broader tech community outside of Kiebot, speaking at conferences and acting as a mentor for more junior-level QAs.

  • Strive for quality to be built and aspire to shift quality to the left.

  • Apply theoretical knowledge to practice and willingly offer improvements on code, tests, testability and suggest tools and frameworks to use.

  • You will examine end-to-end processes in addition to backend testing, ensuring quality is embedded throughout.

  • You will produce and implement test strategies during the software development process.

  • Drive the creation of a reliable automated testing suite with strong reporting capabilities that ensures simple, effective analysis of failures for your team to use.

  • Champion high-functioning teams and enable transitions where necessary.

  • Extend your passion for quality assurance practices to enabling the client, helping coach a client’s team to adopt a testing mindset.

Required Skill Set:

  • You have worked as a Quality Analyst as part of a wider development team, pairing with Devs and ideally Business Analysts, Infrastructure Engineers, and Designers.

  • You have experience with Agile, code management, deployment strategies, and different types of nonfunctional testing.

  • Solid understanding of best practices such as TDD, BDD, CI/CD, and the Practical Test Pyramid.

  • You have experience with API automation, are comfortable in databases, and love to write simple code in order to test applications.

  • You are comfortable with different types and techniques in functional testing including exploratory, boundary value analysis, and equivalence partitioning.

  • You have exposure to and experience in using defect tracking and management tools.

  • An understanding of how to perform better white box testing using code.

  • You know what a test strategy is and can produce one.

  • You can zoom out to the big picture and understand the impact of changes on the product.

  • You’re resilient in ambiguous situations and can approach and tackle challenges from multiple perspectives.

  • You enjoy influencing others and always advocate for quality as a shared team responsibility, yet are open to change when needed.


1 people


Min 1 year

Remote working


React Developer

About the role

  • Must possess 1+ years of experience developing modular front-end components using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JSON and microformats.

  • Must have hands-on experience on ReactJS.

  • Must have solid experience in web applications development.

  • Hands-on experience in object-based javascript programming and design patterns. Especially good in Ecmascript (ES5, ES6/above).

  • Very good at programming and debugging for cross-browser compatibility and accessibility code.

  • Unit testing experience on tools such as chai, mocha, jasmine.

  • Reusable components development that can be used across web/ mobile applications.

  • Build tools such as webpack, grunt, gulp, babel.

  • Exposure to CI/ CD is a plus.


3 people


Min 2+ years

Remote working


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