About the client
Workomo is a US-based startup, aims to deliver people’s insights eliminating the rushed Linkedin search before a meeting.

Bidding farewell to the puzzled Linkedin search before an important meeting.

When we get prepared for an important meeting once in a while, we search his/her profile on Linkedin. But when we appear for multiple meetings frequently, Linkedin search becomes a tiresome process.

To mitigate the issue, Workomo has come up with a product that is beneficial to such people where we can get cue cards about the person we meet. As a result, we can have transparent and effective conversations with the person we are going to meet.


Workomo helps you to get acquainted with the people, just before you meet, right inside your browsers like Chrome and Safari. With just a click, you can get updated about the person's professional background, areas of common interests as well as insights that will help you establish a personal link.

Everyone must have felt something like this: "hsshh....I should have checked this person's profile before entering a meeting". Are you exhausted from looking up for people on Linkedin? We got to build a product as a solution to this problem. Its Workomo: with the help of just one click in chrome, you can use Workomo to take details of people, their previous experiences, their google calendar meetings, etc. What to say? Even you can peep into the social media profiles. Workomo is also available as a chrome extension.

We feel exhilarated with the feedback of our early users so far and are super excited to share the product with the public. You can visit workomo, and sign in with your preferred mail account to initiate a personalized onboarding experience. Workomo provides a high-end user experience as the people are getting more stringent about the visuals and aesthetics of products and services being offered.

Workomo integrates with Google Calendars and helps in visualizing cue cards to show you people insights. A timer on the extension reminds you to view insights just before a meeting. Mini Cards let you see people's information within Zoom or Google Meet. Click the extension icon to access Cue Cards for any meeting of the day.

The Modus Operandi

Kiebot started off by preparing a set of strategies that helped in the successful deployment of the product. Our developers incorporated the following four major steps.

  • Understanding the product and its strategy
  • Design flows
  • Developing the outer sketch
  • Deployment of the end product

  • 1) Understanding the product and its strategy

    Our first step was to work with the Workomo team to understand the product and its strategy. A major part of devising an early-stage startup’s product is understanding the founder’s vision and intuitions. In the case of Workomo, the founder exhibited a deep understanding of technology and had planned out the technology as well as the product strategy. The idea was quite interesting and fascinating. It seemed unique and we were excited to liaise with him. Eliminating the rushed Linkedin search was an out-of-the-box concept and kudos to the Workomo team for the same.

    With one click, you can see a person's professional background, areas of common interest as well as talking points that help you form a personal connection. They want to implement the product in browsers like Chrome and Safari. They also want the cue cards to be displayed before the meeting, in the meeting, and at any time and also want to embed the same in the personal portfolio.

    The front-end has to be exquisitely attractive to catch people. They want us to properly implement UI/UX designs and fix bugs. The backend was dealing with API creation which includes data fetch, update and delete operations. The project updates are being tracked in the Jira Software where Kiebot conveys the current status. The site has to be responsive both to mobile and web.

    2) Design Flows

    Kiebot has worked on several trial runs and came up with an optimized design flow which was acceptable. We have come up with an apt onboarding approach that goes like this:

    3) Developing the outer sketch

    Kiebot has come up with an outer sketch that was of a higher user experience rate and well conveyable as well. Workomo was expecting a theme that was subtle and self explainable to users. Since the concept was new, it was pretty sure that everyone will be attracted to the site and its concept. This was a challenging task for Kiebot and we were triumphant in creating the outer sketch.

    4) Completion of End Product

    The response was invigorating. Workomo came up with an amazing response from the customer end. It helped to prevent the rushed Linkedin searches before an important meeting. They have come up with additional features that go along with the premium plans. Kiebot played a major role in deploying the website with high user response. The concept also shared a major part in making the site, a successful one.

    With Workomo, you can join any meeting from the cue cards, without a calendar or video toggle. Also, it supports recurring meetings and views twitter data in cue cards. There are multiple plans available like Free, Premium, and Pro, based on which the user has got access to the upgraded functionality.

    Current Scenario

    Everyone considers this tool as a much-needed one. Because in the tight schedule, a product functioning like this will reduce the burden of scrambling with the rushed Linkedin searches. We are on the way with plans to add additional features and upgrade the product. Currently, it works in Chrome as a web app and extension. In Safari and other browsers, the product works as a web app. More emphasis will be given to adding all the social media profiles and deploying new features which will boost the online value of the tool. At the same time, reaching a wider audience will be on the high priority list.

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