DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT Operations. Development teams and IT operations teams can have different abilities and different purposes. Developers want to introduce new traits to an application, while operations teams want to safeguard the stability of an application once it is released.

DevOps is about the combination and automation of processes, and DevOps engineers help combine code, application maintenance, and application management. These tasks depend on deeply understanding not only development life cycles, but DevOps culture, and its philosophy, practices, and tools.

Kiebot's DevOps engineers help in implementing the best infrastructure support as per the application requirements. By using the leading services provided by AWS, Azure, and Google; we blend in the best features like performance, scalability, security, and maintainability that are best for your application. We also use advanced technologies like CI/CD, Docker, and Kubernetes for high scalability and resource utilization.

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