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Today, we are heading to an electronic phase. Businesses shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online eCommerce platforms. This is high time we think of eCommerce applications in our business since we are not in a situation right now to define the covid bound time.

For the attention of business owners, this is not a complex task. Kiebot will help you develop your eCommerce platform at affordable rates. The benefits of the eCommerce business are never-ending. The things that you should keep in mind before building up your eCommerce platform include choosing a simple interface for your customer to interact with and select a design that expresses your brand identity. Also, it should meet the security standards and payment options should be simple.

There are software companies handling eCommerce solutions in Kannur. Our industries include trading, education, service management, etc showcasing our presence globally. With a profound experience in eCommerce platforms, we deliver solutions that run the business functioning most appropriately. Switching to eCommerce means improving your business and thus, generate a greater ROI. Kiebot assists you in integrating your eCommerce platform with the ERP software. Therefore, you can have data consistency across your departments and increased customer satisfaction.

The eCommerce specialized services we offer are eCommerce Web App, and eCommerce Mobile Apps (Android + iOS). Our agile eCommerce solution delivers performance, high scalability and cross-platform support built with the latest technology stack, so you can focus on driving revenue that fulfills your unique commerce needs. Quoting some of the features we work with.

  • Simple Navigation Features
  • Custom Branding
  • Support Multi-Payment Integrations
  • Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Personalized User Experience
  • Managing Orders & Returns

  • No more hassles on changing to eCommerce solutions. Partner with Kiebot to make your business the next level!

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