We are living in a pandemic era. It is the facet of life where we realized the importance of going digital. Every payment becomes digital. Every transaction becomes digital. Every business becomes digital. Even, schools and colleges shifted to online classes. Thus, on the whole, the covid era is just the digital era. And there lies the importance of digital marketing. When products are sold through eCommerce sites, businesses start thinking of selling their items directly through their eCommerce platforms. Let's pitch through the top 10 reasons to prove why digital marketing is important in business. 

1) Create an online presence

If you are not online in today's world, then no one is going to find you. Creating social media accounts is the first procedure to build your online presence. Similarly with the case of businesses. If no customers can find you online, they will doubt your legitimacy. This will surely degrade the company's reputation. Establishing an online presence is a high-priority factor in setting up digital marketing strategies. You don't have to create accounts on every social media channel, but only those accounts where your prospects are indulged in. One of the most important things you should do is to claim your Google business listing.

2) Build a brand name

To build a brand's reputation, the products offered by them should conveniently reach the targeted audience within the stipulated time without any damage. If the process goes smoothly, the brand automatically gets reliable. Because this helps in earning the trust and positive reviews from customers and well-wishers which will appropriately impact the people. Additionally, having a slogan and logo add to the credibility of the brand.

3) Wider reach and geographical expansion

With digital marketing, your business does not have a geographical boundary and will reach people throughout the globe. The products in India are accessible in Australia and vice-versa. This helps to globally improve the reputation of the brand. Without any hassles, you can build up your brand, unlike the traditional marketing strategies which are time-consuming.

4) Communicate your message and better link with current and prospective customers

Incorporate social media to convey your message and better connect with current and prospective customers. Social media has now become one of the factors that dominate an average person's activities. Social media plays an important role in keeping in touch with customers through instant feedback and comments. This reduces the delay of customers to get a proper response for their queries. It also allows the businesses to use their channels to keep an eye on the competition and thus they can have strategies to counter the competitor.

5) Provide value to customers and display content that is important to them

Content marketing is very important. Content comprises web copy, blog posts, social blurbs and hashtags, video, photos, etc. Exposing content relevant to the users attracts traffic to the site and proved that there is a generation of 3x more leads compared to paid marketing. Customers are more likely to buy your product if embedded proper educational content on the website.

6) Use tools to target the customers

There are many reasons quoted to show the advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing. But one reason that stands out is, through online marketing, we can identify the traits of customers who are most associated with the website. The more data you have about the customers and the content that drive them to the site, the best you can position yourself for the future. Through data analytic tools, you will have deeper insights into the content shared by the prospects and when. Hence, you can modify the content according to the prospects' requirements.

7) Target more and expend less

With online marketing, you can target more of your prospective customers compared to traditional marketing. You will get to know about a wide range of prospects attracted to your content and thus, you can employ ways to retain them. They can be converted to leads which means with less spending, you can target more customers.

8) Constantly changing rules of SEO

To rank top for your keyword on the search engine, you should be a master in SEO( Search Engine Optimization). Since SEO rules and algorithms are ever-evolving, business owners may not be updated on the same. There lies the importance of digital marketers in the business.

9) Significance of UX

According to Google, more than 50% of the visitors leave the site if it is poorly designed. Here comes the significance of UX (user experience) in digital marketing. UX can provide a fabulous experience to the users. The success of a website lies in the proper design and implementation of the website. There are many web design and development companies in Kerala helping with digital marketing strategies from where you can take expert advice.

10) Improve ROI

Digital marketing plans contribute to the company's brand value and revenues. Proper digital marketing strategies increase the traffic to the site and thus, a major share of traffic is converted to leads. Thus, the Return Of Investment (ROI) for a business is higher through this method. With the help of proper digital marketing plans, you can analyze the targeted demographics, location, and other factors crucial to the business. Thus, you can properly implement plans to retain the customers, and hence, you can cost-effectively increase your revenue compared to traditional marketing.

Thus, we have come across the top ten reasons to demonstrate the importance of digital marketing in business. Digital marketing plans will be the front and center of sales plans in 2021. Digital marketing will also help bond the business’ brand identity. The importance of digital marketing in business is inevitable. Let's wait for the days where digital marketing is going to help businesses to cultivate a better number of leads compared to traditional marketing.

Author | Ashly Sara Jacob | Digital Marketing Executive

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