Are you aware of the latest trends in emerging technologies? If no, here is your right platform to explore the new tech innovations happening. It's Kietalk!! Kietalk is Kiebot's monthly tech meetup. You can unlock all your queries arising on the technical side. Kietalk is presented by renowned personalities in the technology sector. Kietalk is all about clearing your tech concerns and providing you the right path as a technical entrepreneur, student, and professional. Go ahead and explore the new trends!


Our first Kietalk was conducted on February 6, 2021. The talk unraveled the queries on PWA (Progressive Web Apps). The program was inaugurated by Mr. Subhash Babu ( Managing Director, Mizone). And the speaker was Mr. Jahfar C (Director, Kiebot), who is a veteran software engineer with almost 14 years of experience at multiple global software services. Sharing a glimpse of the event through snaps:


Kietalk 3 was conducted online on May 21, 2021. The talk was an ultimate guide to Next.js and the topic was 'Next.js, A Production Ready Framework'. The keynote speaker was Mr. Jahfar C (Director, Kiebot), who is an eminent software engineer with 14+ years of technical expertise. Sharing the youtube link of the talk:


Kietalk 2 - Kiebot monthly tech meetup was conducted on March 12, 2021, about the topic - 'How to build and scale your applications with AWS?' The keynote speaker was Mr. Sujith PS, CTO & Cofounder of Kiebot; tech enthusiast and; an ex-Thoughtworker with 8+ years of expertise in software & technology.

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