10Jun 2021

Saga Middle-ware: Integration with React-redux

Before going to redux-saga, let's address why redux is used. A complex react app having many components may need to communicate between components to make some logic work. React communicates data between components in a “unidirectional flow” that is from parent to child.

07May 2021

Linux FUSE: The most underrated Linux feature

FUSE is an interface for managing anything that resembles a file/folder as a native file/folder on Linux. In practice, this lets you manage almost all your cloud storage like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Google cloud storage, SSH servers, and local files like zip archives and ISO images, as normal folders on your PC.

26Apr 2021

Laravel Unit Testing - Basics

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework for application development. From the testing perspective, it is also known to be highly adequate for its creative testing features.

15Mar 2021

Top 10 reasons to prove the importance of digital marketing in business

We are living in a pandemic era. It is the facet of life where we realized the importance of going digital. Every payment becomes digital. Every transaction becomes digital. Every business becomes digital. Even, schools and colleges shifted to online classes. Thus, on the whole, the covid era is just the digital era. And there lies the importance of digital marketing.

10Mar 2021

Swift frameworks and how to create a framework for iOS

Ever wondered what is a framework? A framework is a basic structure that allows you to efficiently package up and re-distribute the code to different apps and developer teams. Well, in Swift, it is a hierarchical directory that encapsulates shared resources like nib files, image files, dynamic shared library, localized strings, and reference documentation in a single package.

25Feb 2021
block chain

BlockChain - An Overview

The blockchain technique was originally put forward by a group of researchers and was originally intended to timestamp digital documents so that it is not possible to backdate them or to tamper with them.

16Feb 2021

Introduction to React Hooks

Hooks are a new addition in React 16.8. With Hooks, you can utilize state and other React features without writing a class.

27Jan 2021

Reactive Programming: Why should you care?

Reactive Programming is a way to build a scalable architecture that is resilient and quick to react to stimuli.

15Jan 2021

The Art of writing clean code

It is very easy to start from scratch and implement new features to a new project. But, as the code base increases, the developers might take more time to implement new features.

27May 2020

QuickBuy App: Helping Small Vendors to Expand their Business

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