QuickBuy App: Helping Small Vendors to Expand their Business

Over the last decade, with the advancement in mobile app development, there has been a dramatic change in the retail sector. Today, buyers are more demanding and sophisticated while the traditional way of selling models is not good enough to sustain the secure sales flow.

QuickBuy is one of the first application launched by Kiebot Learning Solutions, providing an online platform to the local shop owners to expand and manage their business online. This app is mainly built to boost the economy of the local shop owner amidst the current scenario caused due to the pandemic. Along with the seller app, they have also launched its customer app so that the buyers can stay home and order their everyday essentials by choosing their favorite shop available in the app by providing their zip code at the time of registration.

QuickBuy – Seller App

Within a month of its launch, around 25+ sellers got registered with the app and they have started to manage and track their business via QuickBuy. With the massive migration of internet users from desktop to mobile users, people expect to have access to real-time information to be available anywhere at any time. The main highlight of QuickBuy – seller app is that the app supports mobile CRM which enables the shop owners to handle the availability of items from within the application.

QuickBuy seller app enables the shop keeper or shop owner to add an item, edit an item, and update live order status at ease. The app supports all kinds of local stores starting from groceries, supermarkets, dry-fruits shops, fresh-farm fruits and vegetables, organic products, fresh meat, stationaries, etc. The main hallmarks of the app are listed below:

  • Integrate your local shops with QuickBuy free-of-charge.
  • Allow customers to view your shop.
  • Expand your reach and increase sales online.
  • Ease of tracking and managing customers.
  • Customers can either pick up the order or get a home delivery service.
  • Save time. Sell More.

QuickBuy – Customer App

Get hassle-free shopping by placing an order to your nearest local shop through QuickBuy. It is one of the best local online shopping application allowing its users to get access to their nearby shops and order online their daily groceries along with many other household products. Enjoy hassle-free online shopping and contactless home delivery experience at just a click of a button. The app is designed with a simple user interface and easy user-navigations. The users are given a choice to either pick up the delivery or get a door delivery service by the shop owners to whom the order was placed.

Kiebot learning solutions is one of the start-up companies set up in the beautiful city Kannur on the northern side of Kerala State in India. Kiebot aims at delivering cost-effective IT solutions ensuring excellent quality products. The company centers around conveying a wide range of custom software products, web solutions, and mobile applications that empower business associations to work productively and adequately.

Author | Varsha Vinod | Application Developer

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