web app development

Web app development has gained a large significance these days. Features like performance, security, etc are at a threat due to external cyber interventions. When developing a web app, we have to deal with utmost care on these factors when compared to desktop applications. Let us consider by taking an illustration: a supermarket billing software in MS Excel, being a desktop application is secure if the installed system is secure. The supermarket should not be concerned about the software anymore. But try taking the example of a google spreadsheet. It is installed in a cloud server and the link for the same is accessed by everyone. Security threats like hacking, phishing, etc are prevalent in this scenario. More than that, performance is a higher concern. Due to these reasons, web app development should be handled with maximum supervision. To tackle these issues, methods like proper technical configuration, proper server deployment, etc must be adapted. This can ensure security at both the application level and server level. We can also deploy code-level best practices for web app development. AWS and Google cloud uses inbuilt security measures and security extension services. They also utilize the best features for developing and deploying web apps. We work in their model to resolve issues like performance, security, etc in the best way.

Kiebot offers custom web application development services extending from basic landing pages to complex customized web solutions helping customers achieve their marketing goals efficiently. At Kiebot, we use different technology stacks to build applications based on time and business requirements. For medium phase and scalable application development, Java and .NET frameworks are used. PostgreSQL, MSSQLServer, and MySQL are the relational database management systems (RDBMS) used in conjunction with .NET and Java. Cassandra and MongoDB are the NoSQL DBs used. Our developers are skilled in Golang for fastly developing highly scalable applications and RDBMS is CockroachDB. Ruby on Rails and Laravel is preferred to achieve fast development and quick results. We use Angularjs, Reactjs, and ViewJs to build well-structured UI layer designs and maintainable front-end applications.

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